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I am S.Ramki doing my B.tech CSE. I am placed in Wipro Technologies!!!

The selection round consists of the following rounds:
Aptitude round
Technical round
HR round

APTITUDE ROUND: this round consists of 3 sections:
1. Verbal (20 marks)
2. Analytical (20 marks)
3. Technical (10 marks)

1. Verbal:
It had 2 synonyms, 5 fill in the blanks questions asked from a single paragraph, 1 or 2 punctuation mark questions, direct speech to indirect, analogy questions, error correction in the given sentence... like this 20 que... don't worry!!! u can easily crack. jus see some nice grammar book and know the concepts and rules... tats it... don mug up them or spend much time on these...
you can easily get 14 or 15 marks in this !!

2. Analytical:
It will be of 20 marks. It will be bit tough if u don know the following chapters in R.S AGARWAL
1. Permutation & combination
2. Probability
3. Simple & compound interest
4. Profit & loss (VERY IMPORTANT)
5. Clocks
6. Time and work
tat s it.... u can crack this!!! but practice as many problems u can so tat it will be useful to complete the paper fast! this is the time consuming section.. so attempt it in the end:)

3. Technical:
This is the easiest!!!! just 10 questions
C programs but very easy programs... to find the output
1 question from Data structures
1 from Unix
3 theory q from C again!!!
so study C:)
for CSE guys the cut off will be 5-6. for other dept the cut off will be 2-3.
don't worry they will say that there will be sectional cut off... if u follow the above said procedure surely u can get a minimum of 14+!4+8=32!!!! which is more than enough for qualifying the 1st round....

As I was a Computer Science student I was screwed in my area of interest (DBMS & OS). The minimum & necessary need before attending this round is u must have knowledge in C, C++.... versatile knowledge... They won mind the dept at all. surely they ll shoot questions in C, C++... so be aware!!!

you are 90 % placed but still they will expect only fluency of English here!!! speak everything boldly...!!! there will be stress interview at times!!! so take care..


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